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Download a printable Adobe.pdf version of this form.

Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________

Assigned representative to NCEE ___________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________



Phone: _________________________________________

FAX: _________________________________________

e-mail address: ________________________________ (Company representative to NCEE)

Web address: _____________________________________

Annual dues amount: $ 350.00/12 months
Three hundred fifty dollars.

Please make out company check to: NCEE

Mail to:  Treasurer, Steve Gelman
c/o PSA
71 Columbia St
Cohoes, NY 12047

Ph: (518 237 7777)

Statement: Our company wishes to become a member of and support
the goals of the NCEE. Those goals are:
1. to seek to expand training opportunities and increase the number
of trained technicians in the industry.
2. to promote electronic servicing as a desirable professional career
3. to promote the electronics and appliance professions
4. to work with industry and educational groups to improve electronics
training courses
5. to assist both public and private educational systems in assessing
electronics education needs
6. to help mold and standardize electronics
training courses to provide
needed technical workers for the public good and potential national
7. to seek financial assistance to promote the above, from industry,
education and government within the meaning of Section 501C6
of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or corresponding provisions
of any subsequent U.S. federal tax laws.

Company Representative Signature: X________________________ Date_______________